Eve is an incredible businesswoman who's work is impacting people and the planet! We asked Eve a few questions so you can get to know her and see just how inspiring she is!

Tell us a bit about yourself and Baba+Boo!

I’m Eve, founder of Baba+Boo. I started my business almost 10 years ago when my children were babies. I wanted to make reusable nappies stylish and affordable as back then they were unheard of, expensive and a bit boring.


It’s been a massive learning curve managing a growing business and a family. I’m spinning loads of plates all the time, smashing a few but I love that my children get to see their mum working hard doing something she is passionate about. They now help me with designing prints for my nappies. 


I’m so passionate about helping parents to switch to reusable nappies. It’s a simple, easy switch and nothing like the terry towelling nappies of old. Reusable nappies are becoming so popular as people become more aware of the issues of climate change and consuming more consciously. It’s phenomenal to see the growth in my brand’s popularity as we become one of the UK’s best loved nappy brands. 

2. Do you think women feel intimidated in business?

I suffer from imposter syndrome and have to work on that all the time. I’ve read that it’s mainly women who suffer from this - even women like Cath Kidston and Jo Malone. So yes, maybe they do feel intimidated, especially with programmes like Dragon’s Den.


I’m surrounded by the most amazing women who help me with everything from marketing to accountancy. There is an amazing community of women in business who want to each other achieve. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support I have received from people I have actually never met apart from online.

3. What three tools (apps, books, podcasts, etc.) would you recommend to anyone trying to start her own business?

I am an avid reader and I am obsessed with the Do Book company. They write business books with a difference, each one has taught me so much. 


I don’t use Facebook much personally but there are so many groups that you can join for business support. I’ve now got a huge network of friends who I can ask advice when I need it. Working on your own can drive you mad when you first start out. Finding women in the same boat is a lifeline, especially if your group of friends don’t run businesses. 


I started using a meditation app a couple of years ago. It’s a game changer. Running a business is a roller coaster and this helps me keep a level head when it all gets a bit mad. Which is the natural state of affairs for me at the moment!

4. Would you rather go to someone else's house for a dinner party or have it at yours? 


Ooh good question. I like hosting and like organising. I love scouting Pinterest for party ideas but it’s I’m so busy these days, so it would have to be go to someone else’s.

5. What was the best birthday party you arranged for your kids? 


We have recently moved to Cheshire with a big garden and last year I organised a garden party for my daughter with a hot tub and bouncy castle. I was all over Pinterest and had a lovely table with bunting and things in trees, it looked lovely. She was only interested in the bouncy castle though! 


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