" Don't let what you believe is a limitation or fears people can project on you, stop you from doing things you believe you can!"

Nanda is an amazing wedding photographer! She plays a huge part in making brides feel beautiful on their special day.  We asked Nanda a few questions so you can get to know her and see just how incredible she is!

Tell us a bit about yourself and Paul & Nanda Photography!

I’m originally from Brazil and moved to the UK in 2012, which it was supposed to be only for a year, but my plans changed when I met Paul through the organisation we both worked at.  In 2017, I felt it was time for a new season; deep down I always had the desire to run my own business, something that I could shape with what I believed, but I didn’t embrace the idea fully until that year. Then, I invited Paul to do it together, while I would run the business full-time, Paul would come and shoot weddings with me. We love bringing different perspectives to our work and we do compliment each other on a wedding day.

Wedding photography was a mix of two things I love: creative work and marriage. I completely fell in love with what we could create together, and it’s been a surprising journey for both of us. Paul & Nanda Wedding Photography was born from a desire to create something that would portray joy and love, and also encourage couples in this new chapter in their lives! Something that could inspire people to seek a strong foundation in their married life. This is our 2nd full year and we love it! We’ve had the privilege of travelling all over the UK and even to other countries with our business and it’s been such an incredible journey we are navigating together!

2. How many weddings have you shot? Do you have a style or do you adapt to the clients preference?

By the end of this year, we would have shot nearly 50 weddings together, which is amazing for us! We try to keep the numbers manageable every year, as we understand the importance of a wedding day and love keeping it personal, as well as making sure we are not just going through each wedding as a “box” to tick. Most of our couples come to us because of our style. We are relaxed and informal people so we try to bring this to our style, we also love natural light and strong/rich tones, so if a couple wants a very traditional and formal approach with a lot of flash involved or very airy style, we know we are not the right photographers for them, then we make sure we direct them to the appropriate photographer, as we believe every couple should find the right photographer for what they are looking for. From the beginning, we knew we couldn’t be the right fit for everyone, and developing our specific style would attract people who like our style. We want to be excited about what we are creating, and we also want our couples to be excited about what they were getting from us.

3. What has been the best location you have photographed?

This is a tough one! Anything with rustic or industrial vibes with tons of natural light have our hearts! One of our favourite spots ever was when a couple wanted to go the top of a hill to take their bride & groom photos - seriously, still one of our favourite places ever! Simple, a special place for them and gorgeous to photograph.

4. What is your biggest piece of advice for female entrepreneurs?  


Don't stop learning! You can basically learn anything you want to! Don’t feel limited by what you don’t know - yet! - You have to start somewhere! 

4 years ago I didn’t really know how to use a professional camera, but I spent hours studying it and practising it (and I still do!!). I didn’t know how to run a business in the UK either, but I’m learning every day. English isn’t my first language, but I now see it as a differential instead of an obstacle, something that makes me unique in the industry.

Don’t let what you believe is a limitation or fears people can project on you, stop you from doing things you believe you can. Also, keep a good attitude, be teachable & kind to people!

5. Being self employed... what helps you to stay focused and motivated?


No one can stay motivated 100% of the time, so when I am feeling a bit demotivated, I like to remember myself why I started this business in the first place, but sometimes, I just need to leave my desk and try to do something else, like go to a coffee shop to see different faces. I've learnt to give myself grace and know when to stop and rest.

Every Sunday evening I write down the things I want to accomplish during the week and my to-do list and assign each thing for a specific time and day. It helps me to feel like I know what's going on that week and takes away any anxiety I might be feeling. Another little thing that helps me is having a morning routine like if I'd go out to work, I only start working after I got changed and had my breakfast - it makes you feel so much better! 

Also, having plans, dreams, goals, targets…but they need to be specific and clear! All these things, make me feel like I am going somewhere and not running in circles.


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