Founder of The Brew

" It's now neat to say that I got to interview a Royal! "

"I believe that everything is more beautiful with authenticity and grace!"

We love our American friend Tara! She is an amazing mumma to twin boys, blogger and knows how to host a good partyWe asked Tara a few questions so you can get to know her and see just how amazing she is!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and The Brew!

I'm a small town Florida girl who met an English guy. Despite the odds and the distance, after 3 months of ‘communicating’, we fell in love, got married two years later, I moved across the big ocean and the rest, as they say, is history. We have twin boys Hampton and Hudson, born in 2018 an they are the greatest two miracles that have ever happened to us. 

The Brew is like my fourth baby, after Hampton, Hudson and our Cavapoo, Lola. It launched in 2014 as a hub of inspiration and a creative space to highlight those making a difference in our world. Today, I hope, like your morning brew, it exists as a pick me up, packed full of flavourful inspiration to navigate our big beautiful world at a time that is so occupied with self-critique, anxiety and negativity.

2. How did The Brew start and what was the reason behind it?

The Brew was launched originally as A Brew of Blessings, a platform for me to share with my friends and family across the pond what life was like in England. It quickly grew to over 13,000 readers per month and became a space to share creative inspiration for the home, travel, fashion and even business. By re-framing the title to The Brew in 2014 the site became a hub of inspiration and a creative space to highlight those making a difference in our world.


The Brew is a lifestyle blog where you'll find stories of remarkable individuals, fashion + travel favourites, entertainment tips and faith. I believe everything is more beautiful with authenticity and grace. 

3. What is one of your favourite posts on the brew and why?

There are a few that will always stand out to me. One was an interview with then, Meghan Markle, who had a blog (TheTig) at the time and was Rachel Zane in the TV show, Suits. It was great to be able to ask her questions regarding her career and her philantrophic passions. It's now neat to say that I got to interview a Royal! 

Another favourite, although difficult at the time, was sharing our journey through IVF/PGD. It's a favourite because we were finally able to share the miracle after the struggle. After living with Cystic Fibrosis for 32 years and being told I would never have children, then navigating 4.5 years of the IVF/PGD journey, this was simply something so big and totally unexpected that only God could orchestrate. My prayer is that the testimony and evident of God's hand in and through it all will inspire another story. 

4. Tell us about the twins 1st Birthday celebration! How much planning went into it?  

There's a funny story behind that. We were actually going to keep their first birthday low key with a nice day out at Chester Zoo and then my mom booked her flight, we invited family and our favourites and before you knew it we were theming and planning a big birthday bash. 

We started planning about two months in advance and we chose the Sesame Street theme because the boys were big Elmo fans at the time, absorbed by the big red costume and the funny voice. I love hosting and planning events so this was right up my street. However, parties like this can quickly become expensive and with double the fun and double the cost of twins, we had to bare this in mind. Once we had found a large and open and simple venue, which is always the biggest challenge, everything started to fall into place after that. We ended up with homemade (with the help of some friends) bunting, signage, cakes, smash cakes, goodie boxes, ABC cube props and even the famous sesame street lamp post. Our buffet had to be fit for adults and the kiddies alike, which we had to keep in mind. We also had to keep in mind that a lot of our friends have children who are much older and we would need activities to keep them occupied as well. So we decided on a bouncy castle with soft play to fit both needs. We also hired a balloon artist to make balloon animals for the guests. 


5. Where do you get your styling tips and inspiration from?


The great thing about the internet and social media is that there is so much inspiration at your fingertips! I love Pinterest and Instagram for gathering creative ideas. Taking my work to a coffee shop and people watching also aids in my inspiration. For their party for example we found so many cheap (under $5) artwork sources online that we could print and utilise to enhance the theme. I also find lots of inspiration when we travel, especially back to the USA where we are blessed to have Disney and some of the other most creative places in the world right at the doorstep of my mom and dad’s home.  



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