Graphic Design Graduate & Founder of Jasmine Thomas Designs

"You never stop learning. You learn so much about yourself. If you didn't get that job, apply for another one? Don't see it as a negative, see it as a I'm supposed to be needed somewhere else. "

We love Jasmine! She is hands down the most creative person you'll ever meet. We asked Jasmine a few questions so you can get to know her and see just how amazing she is!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and Jasmine Thomas Designs.

I'm a Multidisciplinary designer. Illustration is my passion but I love trying out new techniques of design, which is why I'm currently working at a digital design agency - broadening my design skills. I studied Graphic Design at the University of Salford and have completed two internships since.

2. What was the biggest 'win' in your career that made you realise you were doing what you were supposed to do?

Honestly, I feel like I haven't hit my 'win' moment yet! I'm still trying to discover who I am and what root I want to travel down as a designer! I've had multiple win moments in my career, all for different reasons. My first win moment was getting a design brief at the university from TransPennine Express. I didn't expect a train company to get me where I am today. I did various illustrations for the company which led me to have an internship with them. From there I was hired at an global design agency e3 Creative, part of Dept. Those illustrations are my go to and are the ones I'm most proud of as it's helped me find a style I'm comfortable with designing. I also spoke at Glug Manchester in front of 100+ people, talking about my transition after graduating. I see myself as a confident person and for the first time, I had never felt so scared. I froze on stage but I got back up again and carried on! It's all about trying. 

3. What inspires your art and design?

Tough question! Although I'm a graphic designer, my go to is always portraiture. I love the idea of illustrating portraits in black and white, realistically but adding a surreal twist, which you may see in some of my portraiture work. Here are a list of all my favourite designers; 

Paul Jackson 

Beau Frank 

Jeremy Winborg 

Casey Baugh  

Hipstory Shimoni 

Sally West 


If I create any vectored based work, I go for the complete opposite, of bright colours, simplistic shapes and layouts, mainly creating patterns.

4. What advise would you give to girls wanting to go into the same industry as you? 

Internships: This is my pet peeve!!! Did you know that it's illegal to not pay an intern UNLESS 

  • The intern is doing the internship as part of their Higher Education

  • The intern is working for a charity or a voluntary organisation

  • The intern is only work-shadowing. i.e they're observing.

Know your worth!! I'm always scared my opinion is not valid because of the labels I've been given "intern" "junior". Girl, they hired you for a reason! You have something they want or don't have. Technology is changing every day! You may know things that other people don't. 

Don't be scared to ask for a pay-rise. The first time I asked for a pay-rise I was so scared, I actually cried! I was worried that they may not give me one. But if write a list down of all the things you've done and why you deserve it, then there should be no trouble. What's the worst that can happen? If they say no, they should be a good enough company to give you feedback to help you reach and aim for your goals. 

The most important advice. Never give up. If you get knocked down, get back up again. You will become tougher. I logged everything down that I had learnt over the past year and when I read them all back, I'd realised how much I had grown as a person and as a designer. You never stop learning. You learn so much about yourself. If you didn't get that job, apply for another one? Don't see it as a negative, see it as a "I'm supposed to be needed somewhere else". 


5. What are the best art shows or events you have been to and why?


Glug Manchester - Different guest speakers from different parts of the art industry talking about their experiences. A great way to network and gain contacts!

Dribbble Manchester - With technology advancing each day, this is a great way to discuss what everyone uses and how they keep up to date.

Design Manchester Festival - This festival gets bigger every year and is a little on the pricey side! However, there are people from all over the world that talk about their profession. They hold workshops, print fairs, talks, music events. 

Two + Two - Hands down the best one yet. If you are studying art and design, marketing or a business course in University in the North, please apply for this! They mix you up with different students from different courses and different Universities.

Havas Lynx - a well known company around Manchester set a brief that's health related. This gives the tiniest glimpse of what it feels like to collaborate under pressure with people you don't know! 


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